The Coincidental Hour

Nothing, Nothing, Nothing.

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Humor is a lot of math. Math and horror. The end of logic. Paradox at the end of a long line of thought that can squeeze out nothing but a goofy paroxysm (laughter), somewhere between sneezing, farting and cumming.  Doing something funny in order to make someone laugh is not only boring to me, it feels bad. It’s rudimentary arithmetic.  There are so many other affects/variables you can tie to a moment of humor besides laughter. There are some “jokes” that splinter when cracked, provoking tension, thought, fear, anger and/or any number of potentially “unfunny” responses to complicate the equation.

The humor in the Coincidental Hour always adds up to zero. A frightening number, both absent and infinite.  This includes the running Coincidental Hour “joke” of the cash prize that ends up to be zero buy the end of the show, or jokes like, “Let me see a show of hands, how many of you are not raising your hands?” which follows a similar structure to other hilarious paradoxes like Zeno’s or Russell’s.
Nothing makes me laugh more than nothing. It feels like the root of the laugh, a hysterical response to the realization that the sum of life always equals… nothing. LOL.

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