The Coincidental Hour

the mind cuts across what the map divides

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Two straight weekends in the woods certainly influenced this past weekend’s performances in New England. In Boston, we performed on a steamroller, and then in Providence, we spun out of control nicely and several of us bled together.

Three weeks ago I officiated the wooded wedding of my pals Angie and Lucas (Coincidental Hour collaborator), then followed that with Fields Festival in the Maryland.  And I made sure to bring the woods back with me, at least for a little while.
I think it’s important to bring the woods back with you. Or the open road, or the water or anything that widens the eyes, adjusts perspective beyond the boundaries of private property, ownership and restriction.
Of course, the city will close you back up, and to some degree it should. Or else:
There are instructions everywhere asking to be followed, in order for order. And I think order is beautiful. Structure and restriction are my pals. But as much as I can, I like the start with the open field, and from there test which boundaries are necessary and important, and which are relative, ambiguous or, even worse, insidious and oppressive.   
The map creates borders where the open mind can cut across.

photo 2

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