The Coincidental Hour

Soul Crushing Money Hungry Cult Friendly Beauty Queens

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The Coincidental Hour is revamping its schtick and we’re starting to put together a few shows starting in August.
But honestly, right now I can’t really think about anything else but this Miss Chthonic Pageant that we’re working on. We’re in that gut-wrenching phase of raising money through one of those fucking THINGS and we’re not doing a great job at it right now because we hate it but we should do it because it’s important to us and because we can only afford to do a few shows a year with our theatre company while other companies are fearless enough to de-pants themselves in public all the time so they can churn out “fearless” work which just means “fearless because they aren’t afraid to produce a log of horseshit floating in a tub of lukewarm water” meanwhile I’m an idiot because I sit back and say we don’t need money to make good work and it’s true but then nobody gets to see it because we can’t afford to tour it much and we start to devalue ourselves as artists because we get in that bad habit of forgetting to take into account that our time energy labor and ideas are worth something and this is the end of my rant. Please donate.

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