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People need to be warned…

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An anonymous review of Miss Chthonic Star Dream Pageant.
“People need to be warned about this Miss Chthonic Star Dream Pageant.  I attended the “pageant” when it came to Los Angeles and to my surprise, it was not a pageant at all. I saw advertisements around the city for a while, and read about it online and thought that it was a great idea to produce an alternative-minded beauty pageant, one that perhaps could offer a critique on standards of beauty while expanding the concept of beauty pageant culture. But it wasn’t that at all. The host and the judges just immediately started abusing the contestant pageants, forcing them to feed and clean them and other humiliating things. The contestants did all these things in the hope of winning prizes or to avoid strict punishment. I was disgusted. At one point, one of the judges rode around on a the back of one of the contestants, turning the poor thing into a horsey. I hated it. I wanted to leave, but they had some brute guarding the door.
It was pure hell. The audience was forced watch the indulgent behavior and listen to the pompous prattling of the judges and the host of the pageant for almost an hour and a half. By the end, I believe the contestants were pretty much lured into this company’s cult madness, and I think I even saw them all leaving together in a white van.
I’m not sure if I witnessed the public ejaculation of a sex cult, or a brain-washing or perhaps even a real kidnapping take place, but whatever I saw, it was NOT a pageant. It was a bubbling stew of perversion from a spectacular sewer. Gross.”
See Miss Chthonic. Judge for yourself.
Baltimore: Sept 24-26 @ EMP
NY: Oct 19-21 @ JACK

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