The Coincidental Hour

CH EASTER: Music/No Music

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After a 3 month hiatus, Coincidental Hour will resurrect on Easter Sunday, March 27 at Myspace in Baltimore.
There will be some sounds, and some of the sounds may sound like music. But do not be deceived. The Coincidental Hour is an anti-music affair. It’s the rock and roll without the rock and just some rolling around. It’s the ballad without the melody, the beat without the rhythm.
Come out to see me on Sunday and when you hear a sound and see me sing to it, think to yourself “Hey, I thought he said -” and before you can finish your thought, that song will be stomped upon by stupidity, or crushed under the weight of randomness, or intercepted by silence or ushered away by any other music-denying force. Sure, some musical sounds will be introduced, but that’s only to exhibit that which is being vanquished.
Music must be destroyed! All music is the soundtrack to capitalism! Every song is the national anthem! Tar-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay is the one and only decent tune ever made!
Someday I will do a Coincidental Hour without any music at all. And it will be very boring. Or maybe not. I confess, I too am a victim of the fact that not making music onstage is easier than not making music onstage.  I dream of dancing silent, insane looking. Only the music stands in my way.

(poster by Carl Dunn)

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