The Coincidental Hour

Coincidental Hour + Halloween Trés = Theatre is the new and oldest music

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Once in a while I get a strong feeling that I really need the Coincidental Hour. Now is one of those times. Too much destruction in the world, and none of it done with love, grace, and jazz hands. So I’m getting on the road for four shows with Halloween Trés to fuck it up nicer and weirder. I need it and I hope you do too. Tour info below…


The Coincidental Hour + Halloween Trés: “THEATRE IS THE NEW MUSIC” tour 

Two of Baltimore’s most eccentric, histrionic, and very alive live acts on tour together to see what happens.
Halloween Trés:
Coincidental Hour:
July 31: Red Room, Baltimore. Part of “The Gunge Show”, featuring the premier screening of Gunge Buddies, by Meredith Moore.
Aug 2: Rhizome, D.C. With Distaff.
Aug 4: Secret Project Robot, NYC. With Matthew Thurber.
Aug 5: Lava Space, Philly. With John Ehrens.
Aug 12: The Glove, NYC.  (Note: no Halloween Trés on this bill, just CH) With Arrington de Dionyso and Gospel of Mars.

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