The Coincidental Hour

November 2014 Avant-Vaude tour with Ogg Myst

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Touring doesn’t get old the older I get, but it does get different. Over the past year, the most important part about touring has been old school pre-internet connection with friends. From the folks that run the venues like Nick Williams or John Berndt, to the folks who set up the shows like Jack Topht or Vanessa Cronan, and to the other acts on the bill of course, this tour is already a deep weaving of weird love.
All shows below are with Ogg Myst (Nonhorse and Alaina Stamatis)

10/25 – NY — The ho_se (w Power Animals and Matt Thurber)
11/13 – Philly — Aux (W Cellular Chaos and Hunnie Bunnies)
11/14 – Baltimore — Red Room (w Lexie Mountain)
11/15 – Pittsburgh — Chris St. Pierre’s warehouse
11/17 – Detroit — TBA
11/18 – Detroit — Screening Crowbocop at the Vanessa and Ben’s Supperclub (no coincidental hour)
11/19 – Buffalo — Milkies (w Neil Coletta)
11/21 – Boston — Deep Thoughts (w Spiritual Recess and Rick Weaver)
11/22 – Providence — 95 Empire (w Bernard Herman)
11/23 – NY — Panoply Performance Lab (with Boom Bat Gesture and Peter Mills Weiss)

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