The Coincidental Hour

A gift is not a gift until the gift is not a gift

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Last week we performed at The Ho_se in NYC, a spirited venue that was sadly closing a few days after our show, and subseqently slated for demolition. With a little help from the audience, that demolition came early.
This was what the venue looked like after our performance:


It was a rare experience to say the least. It got Dionysian. After an audience member put a hole through a wall with a cinder block I had attached to a chain, wrecking ball style, the rest of the audience eventually started tearing down the rest of the wall, then another wall, then everything else. This was happening while others danced to the blasting beat of Baltimore Club, or ate jerky and drank on the back porch, and there was even some random crying.

It was a bit frightening to me at times (even though I initiated it). Some moments glitched my mind, as I stuttered to be okay with a microwave being beaten with a pipe, or a ceiling being pulled down in large chunks – it didn’t seem fair, or possible. With such an intense expenditure of energy, there is a sense that there must be some consequence. There is no such thing as free destruction?
There was a certain darkness to this night. The certain darkness that either consumes and compels, or frightens and repels. From the side of participation, there is a release and connection to a fearless and powerful animal, from the other side, taboo and repression are born. Both dangerous, neither free from the powers of suggestion, and they are, ultimately, currency in a type of social economy. A type of economy Bataille defines in The Accursed Share:

“The living organism, in a situation determined by the play of energy on the surface of the globe, ordinarily receives more energy than is necessary for maintaining life; the excess energy  (wealth) can be used for the growth of a system (e.g. an organism)… it must be spent, willingly or not, gloriously or catastrophically”

It was a great waste; it was a great way to spend a night.

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