The Coincidental Hour

Fear the theatre

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Hello from tour. Stuck in Detroit. Our Buffalo show postponed until tomorrow (hopefully) because Buffalo was just destroyed by snow.
Detroit show was ok. People seemed scared. One person afterwards said he had nightmares about me after seeing us last year! I sat down next to one audience member during the show last night and whispered to him that the only scary thing happening was theatre. And I believe that. The most inherently frightening thing that happens in The Coincidental Hour is the dancing, the looking directly at the audience, the makeup and the blatant theatricality.
Theatricality is frightening.
I believe audiences would prefer the “safety” of an acoustically violent metal or noise show or a raucous punk show to the mysterious internal squirming provoked by a man feverishly dancing with a rose in his mouth right in front of their face. You can be as vicious as you want behind that fourth wall, but the real devil is in the detail of the eyeliner.

ch butt

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