The Coincidental Hour

If there were such a things as good and bad, this would be good. And bad.

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Today Lucas, Alaina and I leave for tour. The Coincidental Hour and Ogg Myst.
I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve decided that people should see our show. Not enough people do. It makes me sad! It’s like we throw an Artaud-themed birthday party for the human spirit every night, and it’s heartbreaking when only a few people except the open invitation. It’s time I felt okay with being clear that I think the Coincidental Hour is good for you. Sometimes it’s bad for you just so it can be good for you!
Here are some chances to see the thing as well as some great video collages by Miles Pflanz:

11/13 – Philly — AUX Performance Space (W Cellular Chaos and Hunnie Bunnies)
11/14 – Baltimore — Red Room (W Lexie Mountain)
11/15 – Pittsburgh — At Chris St Chris St. Pierre’s place
11/17 – Detroit — Jam Handy (W Ursula Kennedy and TBA)
11/18 – Detroit — Special screening of G Lucas Crane‘s “The Crowbocop”! (No CH performance)
11/19 – Buffalo — Milkies (W Neil Louis Coletta, Jack Topht and a whole bunch of other things)
11/21 – Boston — Deep Thoughts (with Rick Weaver and Spiritual Recess)
11/22 – Providence — 95 Empire at As220 (W Bernard Herman)
11/23 – NY — Panoply Performance Lab (w Boom Bat Gesture Performance Group and Peter Mills Weiss)

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