The Coincidental Hour

The Coincidental Hour Holiday Special

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The Coincidental Hour Holiday Specials are always a little different from the usual Coincidental Hour, which are also usually different from the usual Coincidental Hour, but the Holiday Specials are even more different than the usual Coincidental Hour. That’s why it’s a special, ok?
Christmas tends to expand the extremes of sugary good times and bloody chaos that defines the Coincidental aesthetic. So see you on the 20th for some tinsel and throbbing glitter.

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It’s the 4th annual Coincidental Hour Holiday Special. It’s fucked up. Extra special holiday prizes and nougat and I love you! It’s xmas like you wouldn’t believe, it’s XMAX, it’s really fucked up. So many songs and dances, plus a visit from Sanna. Someone said FLUCT will be making an appearance too. Lights, colors, festivities and delight. This will be the worst.

See Talibam! play live!
And Ogg Myst is on fire like a xmas tree in hell!
Static Lagoon will get you subtly prancing!

Tickets cost $50,000!

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