The Coincidental Hour

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Don’t miss your chance to get your very own DEATH DRIVE! We only have four left for sale and we’re letting them go for low-low-ho-ho-ho prices, just $12! The DEATH DRIVE is the new Coincidental Hour, which is on a thumb drive attached to a quality knife. We have one each of four models (pictured below), The Night Stabber (the big one), The Country Stabber (the wooden one), The Easy Stabber (black) and the Multi-Stabber (swiss army).
Each thumb drive has 13 Coincidental Hour songs including fun time favorites like Candy, Nothing, Destroy and Ontological Clock! PLUS three bonus live tracks by Ogg Myst! AND AND each drive is unique because we dumped random shit from our desktops on the drives!
What? You hate the Coincidental Hour? That’s cool no problem! Just erase the shit on the thumb drive, put your own sorry ass files on it. And you still have a knife you can wave around like an asshole. This christmas, give that special someone a weapon with music on it.
Nothing but the deepest cuts from all of us over here at… The Coincidental Hour!
(to order, paypal $12 to, geez)

death drives

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