The Coincidental Hour

Psychic Pageantry

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The Coincidental Hour will be doing fewer shows over the next couple months. We’re going to take a breather to sew buttons back on shirts, replenish my makeup tackle box, and write some new songs.
It also gives me and Lucas some time to focus on our upcoming performance piece, Miss Chthonic Star Dream Pageant. It’s the next project from our theatre group, The Psychic Readings Company. Yes, this is the same group as Performance Thanatology, we just changed out name last year because after twelve years, people still called it Performance Scientology or some variation.
Miss Chthonic will take place a few times, in different variations of the piece, over the course of 2015, definite dates include Baltimore, Providence and two NYC shows.  Yeah, it will be a beauty pageant fashion show, a monstrous pageant of internal realities. Everything will go horribly wrong and we will all love it.

We will be hosting public auditions for the pageant on March 7th at Silent Barn in NYC. Email to audition?
For more info, check out

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