The Coincidental Hour

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CH EASTER: Music/No Music

After a 3 month hiatus, Coincidental Hour will resurrect on Easter Sunday, March 27 at Myspace in Baltimore.
There will be some sounds, and some of the sounds may sound like music. But do not be deceived. The Coincidental Hour is an anti-music affair. It’s the rock and roll without the rock and just some rolling around. It’s the ballad without the melody, the beat without the rhythm.
Come out to see me on Sunday and when you hear a sound and see me sing to it, think to yourself “Hey, I thought he said -” and before you can finish your thought, that song will be stomped upon by stupidity, or crushed under the weight of randomness, or intercepted by silence or ushered away by any other music-denying force. Sure, some musical sounds will be introduced, but that’s only to exhibit that which is being vanquished.
Music must be destroyed! All music is the soundtrack to capitalism! Every song is the national anthem! Tar-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay is the one and only decent tune ever made!
Someday I will do a Coincidental Hour without any music at all. And it will be very boring. Or maybe not. I confess, I too am a victim of the fact that not making music onstage is easier than not making music onstage.  I dream of dancing silent, insane looking. Only the music stands in my way.

(poster by Carl Dunn)

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4th Annual Coincidental Hour Holiday Sense Orgy

The 4th Coincidental Hour Holiday Special Dance Party will take place on Dec 19th at 5th Dimension, our first holiday special in Baltimore!
The holiday shows have always been a sensorial feast, a gluttonous smorgasbord of entertainment, an ejaculation of jubilee wind straight from the bowels of the xmas spirit!

This year we welcome the return of Sanna, we love him. We also have Ogg Myst, Lent, Beastmaster and The Simple Pleasure on board to celebrate the season of excess with a ton excessiveness. We’ll have a bunch of shitty gimmicks and loads of drama. And yeah a dance party.
So don’t miss it.
Now here, watch a good video:


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Coincidental Hour Halloween

Coincidental Hour on Halloween makes a lot of sense, yet this will be the first time I’ve ever done a show on Halloween.

This year, it will be a Coincidental Halloween at Babycastles; a late night exorcistic delight featuring many old Coincidental Hour pals like Ogg Myst, Cave Bears, Luxardo, Santa and my favorite love song duo, The Creepers. DJ ShhcuLT will also be there spinning spells in between acts.

I’d like to thank Babycastles for being so brave in hosting this. I honestly can’t imagine what’s going to happen. I have a feeling things are going to get out of hand. It’s going to last until Halloween is over, that I know. I’m anticipating some blood, a huge mess, a little crying perhaps. Halloween offers so many false horrors, that it only whets the appetite for the real.
So bring a sack, stick your head in it, rage around like you’ve been tossed in the trunk. It will be real.


DJ ShhcuLT
and Special Guests (santa)

$10 normal OR $7 with costume!

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People need to be warned…

An anonymous review of Miss Chthonic Star Dream Pageant.
“People need to be warned about this Miss Chthonic Star Dream Pageant.  I attended the “pageant” when it came to Los Angeles and to my surprise, it was not a pageant at all. I saw advertisements around the city for a while, and read about it online and thought that it was a great idea to produce an alternative-minded beauty pageant, one that perhaps could offer a critique on standards of beauty while expanding the concept of beauty pageant culture. But it wasn’t that at all. The host and the judges just immediately started abusing the contestant pageants, forcing them to feed and clean them and other humiliating things. The contestants did all these things in the hope of winning prizes or to avoid strict punishment. I was disgusted. At one point, one of the judges rode around on a the back of one of the contestants, turning the poor thing into a horsey. I hated it. I wanted to leave, but they had some brute guarding the door.
It was pure hell. The audience was forced watch the indulgent behavior and listen to the pompous prattling of the judges and the host of the pageant for almost an hour and a half. By the end, I believe the contestants were pretty much lured into this company’s cult madness, and I think I even saw them all leaving together in a white van.
I’m not sure if I witnessed the public ejaculation of a sex cult, or a brain-washing or perhaps even a real kidnapping take place, but whatever I saw, it was NOT a pageant. It was a bubbling stew of perversion from a spectacular sewer. Gross.”
See Miss Chthonic. Judge for yourself.
Baltimore: Sept 24-26 @ EMP
NY: Oct 19-21 @ JACK

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Currency of violence

I sometimes forget that the Coincidental Hour is violent. I forgot because I feel like I’m creating a safe space for violence to occur if it wants to. But people will occasionally remind me – like an audience member did last month at Silent Barn – that because of the line it rides, it can come off as unapologetically and unconditionally violent. The audience member approached me after a Coincidental Hour where I got people in the audience to take off their pants and destroy a Barbie dream house with bricks. She approached me crying, shaking after the performance. She asked me why I had to do violent things. We sat in the courtyard and talked. I apologized and reminded her that I didn’t really do anything violent other than encourage others to be violent if they wanted to. This particular point was understandably not very satisfying to her, but we talked for a while about a number of things and she eventually gave me a hug and told me she was “at least happy to find out I was real” (I guess as opposed to an animated demon?). At any rate, it made me think more about the role of violence in the Coincidental Hour. Ultimately, I’m ok with it. And I’m ok with people not being ok with it.
If people don’t need to go to the places that I ask them to go when I perform, then good for them. They are probably well-adjusted people and not my really target audience. But I will say that the violence in the Coincidental Hour is very controlled. Composed and sometimes contrived even. Most of the time very fake! It’s like the difference between a horror movie and an actual serial murder spree. The violence is being exacted on symbols (U.S. currency, microwaves), or through professional conduits (my body). It’s the violence performed in a rite of sacrifice, which is burned up to make the world spin according to the word of the cult.
I understand, though, that people will find the violence triggering. I sometimes do myself. But I’ll try to make the violence worth something. If I don’t, that’s when it really fails.

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Soul Crushing Money Hungry Cult Friendly Beauty Queens

The Coincidental Hour is revamping its schtick and we’re starting to put together a few shows starting in August.
But honestly, right now I can’t really think about anything else but this Miss Chthonic Pageant that we’re working on. We’re in that gut-wrenching phase of raising money through one of those fucking THINGS and we’re not doing a great job at it right now because we hate it but we should do it because it’s important to us and because we can only afford to do a few shows a year with our theatre company while other companies are fearless enough to de-pants themselves in public all the time so they can churn out “fearless” work which just means “fearless because they aren’t afraid to produce a log of horseshit floating in a tub of lukewarm water” meanwhile I’m an idiot because I sit back and say we don’t need money to make good work and it’s true but then nobody gets to see it because we can’t afford to tour it much and we start to devalue ourselves as artists because we get in that bad habit of forgetting to take into account that our time energy labor and ideas are worth something and this is the end of my rant. Please donate.